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Avast Scan Stuck At 30l

Avast Scan Stuck At 30l

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Windows 10 pro - virus scan stuck on 30% for over 12 hours. All other programs closed. Anyone else have this prob? Logged.... Hello, as the title of the post says, the full scan gets stuck at 28%. I'm using Avast Premium, I've done a clean install, still doesn't move past 28%.... When I run Smart Scan it flies through "Browser threats" and "Outdated apps" in seconds, but when it's time to start "Viruses and malware" it.... Even after a clean install and 3 reboots the full scan gets stuck on SVC files - see image attached. I have created a memory dump of AvastSvc.... Smart scan is stuck at 75% on checking browser. If I try to close the program it will hang. Free Avast version 19.5.2378 build 19.5.4444.501


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